Текст песни Zdob Și Zdub - Boonika Bate Toba

Жанр: Folk-Rock / Ethnic
Исполнитель: Zdob Și Zdub
Альбом: Ethnomecanica
Длительность: 04:00
Рейтинг: 2074
MP3: Скачать
Загрузил: MegaФуск


It's a jump up jungle, little like a break beat Never seen that hit - bunica beat da drum-a Big mallet in the hand, high hat in the same beat She's screaming like Hawkins, my old big mama Bunica beat da drum-a like I never heard before She's a slapping miss Blackman, gimme some more Check it, let's kick it, we wanna dance now We are turning into hammers ticking rhythm out [Chorus]: Boonika bate doba Boonika bate tare Boonika bate doba cu machuca 'n casa mare Boonika bate doba Boonika bate tare Boonika cu machuca bate doba 'n casa mare I love so much doba making boom-boom Now get your body moving, just follow the tune It's a real magic - big mama play her drum-a She's flying into trance like an Indian shaman Who's the Beatles? Where from is Peter Pan? Who's the gypsy Jimmy Hendrix? She don't care, that misses L I smile, I cry when I see that crazy baba Dizzy tempo dizzy, let's go my music mama [Chorus] People in da place, feel your body shakes Boonika beat da drum-a tapping out the breaks Pop you up with dat beat Get rid of rotten meat You dig with your soul Deep inside that rock 'n' roll She's a drum machine, you know what I mean She wanna play jumparale to make you spin Drain a bottle of wine, no need to roll the leaves By the end of dat show you will blow yourself to bits [Chorus] X 2 You are a real drum machine You make me wanna dance, you're a slapping queen To get that state you drink juice from grapes And I go deep into the music space Boonika bate doba Boonika bate tare Boonika bate doba cu machuca 'n casa mare [Chorus]
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