Текст песни The 69 Eyes - Always

Savage Garden
Жанр: Gothic Rock
Исполнитель: The 69 Eyes
Альбом: Savage Garden
Длительность: 02:48
Рейтинг: 572
MP3: Скачать
Загрузил: Bullet_For_My__


Come and get me sucker bite down One step more and I'll blow your head around I ain't got nothing for you Better believe what I'm tellin' you I've been runnin' thru the world with a gun in my back Never got a ride in a Cadillac Now look out scum here I come Down to kill like a son of a gun You can try to tell me what is right or wrog It so easy to see thru you I'll do - ALWAYS - DO WHAT I WANT! I never ever learned at school To play their rules Unlike all those jackass fools Standin' blind in the line They got their heads from the same mould And doin' exactly as they're told But hey that ain't for me Still at war with apathy Doncha try to tell me what is right or wrong 'Cuz it so easy to see thru you [Chorus]
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