Текст песни Derek Minor - Sweet Dreams

Жанр: Rap / Christian G-Funk
Исполнитель: Derek Minor
Альбом: Minorville
Длительность: 03:49
Рейтинг: 138
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Загрузил: method_85


[Hook] I just want to get these dreams out So hopefully I'll stop having these nightmares And if you wanna know what I dream bout' It's that one day you might care [Verse 1] 15 years old Sitting in my bedroom Watching my baby sister And praying Mom's will be home soon Burning my arms The pressure hit me like typhoons Cuz' I'm the only black kid in my homeroom I felt the power of words that day When I was called coon Sharp as any sword When they cut, it scar you You know the pain when people seem to ignore you I grab the teacher like "I just want to be heard!" I went home, and put it all inside a notebook Poetry is molding me Look, this how hope look My father is in Michigan My step-dad addicted and My mom's out at working all her fingers to the bone And I feel like I'm worthless and hurting beneath the surface It's clear that I am broken Lord I need you in my home And that day A dream was born That in 16 bars You can hear my pain in this song [Hook] [Verse 2] I see some doctors and lawyers With a person to cure cancer And they don't even know it It's a voice in they dreams, it drowned out By the loudmouths Dreamkillers screaming for God to quiet down So if they say that you are nothin' Tell em' thank you Cuz' God created this whole universe, that is proof Meaning, we're expressions of the greatest artist Brushstrokes of The King's speech, greatest masterpiece So why you let em' take your purpose? (Huh?) (It's the dream that he gave you) Why you believin' that you worthless? (Huh?) (There's a reason why he made you) Fly higher, inspire You were wired to be The Lord's greatness Naysayers are liars And this what He designed me to do I'm living my dream You better live yours too [Hook] [Bridge] Now, all my dreamers say.. (OoooooooOOoooo) Don't let em' ever take your dream away (Ooooohhhh) Now, all my dreamers say.. (OoooooooOOoooo) Don't let em' ever take your dream away (Ooooohhhh) They can never take your dream away
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