Текст песни Kool Moe Dee - Go See The Doctor

Dance Classics Vol.26
Жанр: Disco / Funk
Исполнитель: Kool Moe Dee
Альбом: Dance Classics Vol.26
Длительность: 05:32
Рейтинг: 458
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Загрузил: nehoroshev74


I was, walking down the street, rocking my beat Clapping my hands and stomping my feet I saw a little lady so neet and petite So was so sweet, yes I wanted to meet So I asked this lady could I take her out We could wine and dine and we could talk about The birds and the bees in my waterbed And you could treat me like a Buddha and bow your head We continued to talk, and before you knew it We were at my house and it was time to do it As soon as I finished, I lost my poise Ran outside and told all my boys I said "Listen up fellas, come over here, bust it" They said "Did you get it?" I said "Yeah," they said "How was it?" The poontang was dope and you know that I rocked her But three days later, go see the doctor I rocked her to the left, rocked her to the right She felt so good, hugged me so tight I said "Good night" Three days later... Woke up fussing, yelling and cussing Drip drip dripping and puss puss pussing I went to the bathroom and said "Mama mia!" I'm a kill that girl next time I see her The madder I got, the more I reminice Why is my thing thing burning like this? Well I remember the first day I saw that girl I just couldn't wait to rock her world I said "Hey good looking, what you got cooking?" What have I done stuck my dick in? Now I know why her ex-boyfriend Dave Calls her Mrs. Microwave Cause she was hotter than an oven and I had to learn The hard way stay in the microwave too long you get burned But the poontang was dope and you know that I rocked her But three days later, go see the doctor I went to the doctor's office, I said "What have I got?" He said "Turn around boy and take this shot" I looked at him like he was crazy, and I said "What?" Ain't nobody sticking nothing in my butt He turned and said in a real deep voice "Have it your way, if that's your choice And I'll put it down if you want me to put it But don't blame me if it turns into a foot Extending from the middle of your body And the next time you see your cute hottie You won't be able to screw, the only thing you can do Is just kick her, so go take karate" As I turned around to receive my injection I said "Next time I'll use some protection" If I see another girl and I get an erection I'm walking in the other direction Cause I don't wanna do the sick sick dance So I'm keeping my prick inside my pants And if I see another girl and I know I can rock her Before I push up I'll make her go see the doctor
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