Текст песни Future Funk Squad - Kissing Air

Audio Damage
Жанр: Electronic / Breakbeat
Исполнитель: Future Funk Squad
Альбом: Audio Damage
Длительность: 07:04
Рейтинг: 306
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Загрузил: я kaa


Last night I had a dream Your soft lips I could feel Sweet cherry lips like cream I awoke and it was not real Where is the real you? I could not feel you You were not there And I'm just kissing air... I'm just kissing air... Kissing air... See you across the room Through the small ____ If I don't feel you soon Your touch, your smile I miss it Pretend your friend is the air that I'm kissing... Kissing air... Just kissing air... I brush past, you stare into my soul One more night to make me feel whole Every ash of my body wanting your touch A mile through the air I want you so much I want you so much Come out from the dark and touch me there How long must I go on kissing air?
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