Текст песни Elvis Presley - Is It So Strange

Loving You - OST / Любящие тебя - Саундтрек
Жанр: Blues / Rock 'n' Roll / OST
Исполнитель: Elvis Presley
Альбом: Loving You - OST / Любящие тебя - Саундтрек
Длительность: 02:30
Рейтинг: 524
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Загрузил: sanenok


(Words & music by Faron Young) Oh, if you tell a lie You know that I'll forgive you Though you say our love is just a game And when you hear my name You'll say I'm from a strange world But is it so strange to be in love with you Is it so strange That I love you more than all the world Is it so strange I have no eyes for another girl Oh won't you take me back And say that you still love me To waste a love like ours would be a sin Let us kiss again Let me hold you near And take me from this strange world That I'm living in
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