Текст песни Geto Boys - Time Taker

The Resurrection
Жанр: Gangsta Rap
Исполнитель: Geto Boys
Альбом: The Resurrection
Длительность: 05:12
Рейтинг: 380
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Загрузил: dpgs


[Scarface:] As I open my eyes unto a new day I see the same old shit that I was face to face with yesterday It's all the same and I can't change time An example of a young nigga trapped up and his brain's dyin' I close my eyes to refrain my thoughts (open) Open my eyes to remain untaught Why my life gotta have a yesterday? Why can't I memorize tommorrow and live my life as just a day? A baby's born and you hears moms cryin' Is she cryin' cause that she's happy or the fact that she know she gone dyin' Probably some shit we'll never figure out I think my mind is plotting plangs and my second mind is trying to take me out I had a dream I think I saw a dude cause he had the looks that of a killer And he sung to me these four tunes He said "Life is like a game of dice You roll 'em right the first time but you seldom get to roll 'em twice" Not understanding what he said doc I find myself in the middle of life in an infa-red dot So tell me doctor is you gettin' that? Motherfuckers bustin' at you with wheels now can you picture that? That's why you find me an assult mind Cause in this world we live together but divided by a chalk line You wanted to hear my life story well I told you Maybe there's answers to my question in your minila folder What's the solution to this mind state? You tellin' me it's gonna take you some time. How long do time take? I'm losing focus on this straight line Ain't trying to wait for motherfuckers so now I'm forced to take time [Willie D:] I pull my popper out my trousers aimed it at his adbomen And grabbed the man's life away from him in a moment Angle dust and heroin and all of that I was on it My opponent never knew what him As I was bootin' I heard him say "Get down someboy's shootin'" He didn't realize he was the target I didn't realize what I was doing till he departed Oh Lord, I'm feeling something I never felt black I told his momma I was sorry she said "Sorry won't bring him back" God gave life to the human race and he alone has the right to take it away So I tell me that I don't care But every time I dim the lights I'm havin' motherfuckin' nightmares It's been a year since I heard ? And I can still smell the motherfuckin' gunpowder What does life mean to me? I'd trade places with the man a heartbeat if I was granted peace I try to wipe it out my memory I saw a shrink but she couldn't provide a remedy I'm public enemy number one Waitin' in line on death row to get the needle for what I done Pretty soon I meet my maker Thee creator, the one and only true time taker [Bushwick Bill:] How much more longer I got life left You don't know that's why I live day for day and time it right and left And try to take two steps at a time Makin' sure our opposition stays two steps behind Keep in mind these niggas who wanna see me lettin' go and shit That's why I fight for my life until it's over with I know these niggas havin' hard times That's why I'm standing up and fighting for shit when it reguards mines Why must I always sing these sad songs Because they comforance all my feelings inside till all the bad's gone You wanna hear my life story well I told ya Maybe there's answers to my question in you fuckin' folder What's the solution to this mind state? You tellin' me it's gonna take some time. How long do time take? I'm losin' focus on my straight linne Ain't trying to wait for a motherfuckers so now I'm forced to take time
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