Текст песни Betty Wright - Tonight Is The Night

Dance Classics Vol.3
Жанр: Disco / Funk
Исполнитель: Betty Wright
Альбом: Dance Classics Vol.3
Длительность: 08:13
Рейтинг: 744
MP3: Скачать
Загрузил: nehoroshev74


First of all I'd like to say good evening And we're so pleased that So many of you could come out and share In all the love and all the happiness we have in store for you We want you to have a real good time 'Cause that's just what we have in mind Is that alright with you Now, this is a tune that I composed And it's called Tonight is the night That you make me a woman Now I never intended recording this song It was a personal poem This is until the day that my producer Happened to thumb through the pages of my notebook He came across the words and he said 'We got to somethin' with these words It's happening every day And people wanna hear about it, Betty' You see, it's the story of a young girl Making love for the very first time Now when I finally got a melody I took it home and I-I played it for my mother Now I got to tell you a little bit about my mother You see I come from one of those pretty large families And I'm the baby of the family And you know you never grow up to your mother I'll never forget the way she looked at me when I played it for her She said, 'Uh, I like the music You know, baby, the melody it's really nice But I know you're not gonna sing that song' But we eased it right on by, yes, we did And it became one of my biggest records too So I want you to do this for me if you will Everybody think back to your very first time Now I'll give you a little while longer 'Cause I know some of you Have to think back a little further than others Come on now, I want you to play catch-up 'Cause I don't want you waitin' till I get to the end of my song Sayin', 'Oh, yeah, now I remember' Now whether it was good Or you just smilin' it was good Or on the other hand if it was not so good Here's my story Hmm...hmm...mmm...mmm... Tonight is the night That you make me a woman, mmm... You said you'll be gentle with me And I-I hope you will, mmm...mmm... I'm nervous and I'm tremblin' Waitin' for you to walk in I'm tryin' hard to relax But I just can't keep still, no I can hear your car door slammin' I wanna play big girl and put on a sexy smile But I know so little about what love is I just can't help actin' like a child You're knockin' on my door and you're ringin' my bell Hope you're not impatient after waiting so very long A whole year I put you off with my silly hang-ups And we're both old enough to know right from wrong Tonight is the night That you make me a woman, mmm... You said you'll be gentle with me And I-I hope you will, hmm...mmm... I'm nervous and I'm tremblin' Waitin' for you to walk in Tryin' hard to relax But I just can't keep still Mmm...hey, baby Ho, ho, baby Ho...yeah...yeah... Oh, but what if my mama should come home early And catch us doin' what we're doin' Not only will I never live it down But my whole family relationship it'll all be ruined But we've gone a little bit too far now Oh, to turn around So let's just pray That true love is what we've found Tonight, tonight Tonight, tonight Ho, I'll never forget tonight No, no, I'll never forget tonight That's when you make me feel real, mmm...hmm... You make me feel real, real good Oh...oh...whoa...oh...oh...whoa...whoa... Yeah, and I wanna thank your love Said I've got to thank your love 'Cause you make me feel good And I love you, baby I love you and I know it And I ain't too proud to show it 'Cause I love you, baby And I need you, baby I want you, my love, my love My, my, my baby
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