Текст песни Ian Broudie - Song For No One

Tales Told
Жанр: Folk-Rock / Acoustic
Исполнитель: Ian Broudie
Альбом: Tales Told
Длительность: 02:38
Рейтинг: 323
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Загрузил: Hren


From night skies dressed in cloud, Morning came your taste in my mouth, I like the way that your hair it falls down in your eyes. And you blush when you smile, When sleep becomes your sign and far away fly, I love the way that you stare, when the sleep fills your eyes. So yesterday has gone, Who knows tomorrow may bring all we'll desire. Tomorrow brings the sun. Kiss the world with fingers crossed, I'll kiss the world with fingers crossed. I've been praised, I've been cursed, I've been blaimed and I've won and I've lost. (Mmmm..) On waves to throw your heart the future glides, I hope the serpents in the tide are all gone. What's done is done. A song for no one's in my hand, A song they'll never understand, 'Til I have gone. And tomorrow brings the sun.
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