Текст песни State Of The Union - Afterlife

Жанр: Electronic / Futurepop
Исполнитель: State Of The Union
Альбом: Inpendum
Длительность: 06:09
Рейтинг: 380
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Загрузил: dkey9


The problem is not the games you play The problem is that I am the game Of all the fetishes you crave The problem is not the pain you give The problem is I like the pain That always seems to be the case The problem isn't what you say The problem is what you don't say You left the truth so far behind The problem isn't that you lie The problem is that I believe But after all that's how we met The problem is not you leaving me The problem is I won't let go I always thought you'd be the one The problem isn't loving you The problem is you don't love me It took me time to realize And if you think there is someone better Or if you think there's someone like me And if you think you'll find someone better Just find your way I'll give you the key And if you want to make me fell better Please don't pretend you ever loved me Because if you want to make me feel better You won't come back to hurt me again
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