Текст песни Sheryl Crow - There Goes The Neighborhood

The Very Best of Sheryl Crow
Жанр: Rock
Исполнитель: Sheryl Crow
Альбом: The Very Best of Sheryl Crow
Длительность: 05:02
Рейтинг: 658
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Загрузил: olgusic


Hey let's party Let's get down Let's turn the radio on This is the meltdown Get out the camera Take a picture The drag queens and the freaks Are all out on the town And cowboy Jane's in bed Nursing a swollen head [Chorus] Sunshine Sally and Peter Ustanov Don't like the scene any how I dropped acid on a Saturday night Just to see what the fuss was about Now there goes the neighborhood The photo chick made to look sickly Is standing in her panties in the shower She plays the guitar in the bathroom While the police dust her mother's plastic flowers And Schoolboy John's in jail Making a killing through the U.S. mail Chorus This is the movie of the screenplay Of the book about a girl who meets a junkie. The messenger gets shot down Just for carrying the message to a flunkie. We can't be certain who the villans are 'cuz everyone's so pretty But the afterparty's sure to be a wing-ding as it moves into your city Chorus There goes the neighborhood There goes the neighborhood
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