Текст песни Will.I.Am - Freshy (feat. Juicy J) [Explicit]

Жанр: Hip-Hop / Electropop / Dance-Pop
Исполнитель: Will.I.Am
Альбом: #willpower
Длительность: 04:07
Рейтинг: 3648
MP3: Скачать
Загрузил: victoriade


всё о will.i.am → Freshy, freshy, Come and look at this, nigger only here with Fly kicks, fly wear, fly gear, fly chair, Fly swag, fly bag, fly niggers that ain’t fly shit. Your chick, she know, for real, she know, Can’t tell motherfucker, I won’t go, icy, stay cold This car right here I made, I made I am, I am, I stay paid You didn’t know? Now you do, Motherfucker like me stay cool, Iglu, iglu, iglu, cool Big willy, stay chilly, My money so funny is silly Look at you, look at me, Look at these, nigger please What’s this in my pocket? This not if I lie Big dollar, big dollar, paper guap What’s that? Oh, this? Freshy, freshy, Freshy, freshy, yep What’s that? Oh, this? This here? Freshy, freshy, Come and look at this, nigger only here with High price my cloth Over price my hoes New hoes, no fisc, Make account, lot of chips Get brain your bitch, She loves lot of cash. Going broke ain’t an option, If I want it imma have it Hundred K, that’s nothing, Everybody talking money Talking chips, that’s done, Start the car, push button Get trippy, pop pills, White girls, snow cold, I do it for the cash, for the drugs, not a hoe Nigger safe when I swear past Get a bad bitch with a burkon bag With a drug habbit, just roll the hash, In the strip club throwing cash In here trapped out, money machine go beep In here racked out, counting bands off in my sleep What’s that? Oh, this? Freshy, freshy, Freshy, freshy, yep What’s that? Oh, this? This here? Freshy, freshy, Come and look at this, nigger only here with Hot wheels be hot, May what? Maybach Bu what? Bugatti, Masa who? Masserati My chick got body It shakes like jelly Big tit, big booty, no belly, Big tit, big booty, no belly My swag, my style, supreme, don’t So slip, so fresh, so clean, so My boat, my plane, no more cocaine, Uh-uh, don’t sniff, that nigger idea is deep My brain, I’m smart, This nigger right here gonna start Big bands, big bands, gonna do it big like roll this Mikey, Mikey, Mikey Mouse, Montaga big ol’ house, no niggers sleeping on my couch What’s that? Oh, this? Freshy, freshy, Lambo, Lambo, Lamborgini. What’s that? Oh, this? Flush it, flush it, Gucci, Gucci, Gucci, Louis Vuiton, Christian, Louis Vuiton, red bottom, All colors, all types I got ‘em, I study, I bought them I rock, I wear, that shit you won Peace on, peace on, peace on Laurent. Your style be old, play out baggy My style new shit, way out swaying Freshy, yep, expensive, yep, Imma buy me a jumbo jet, Least set to the New York jets Balling, balling, balling big, Shot calling, shot calling, shot calling, yeah What’s that? Oh, that? Oh, that the number plat, Platinum, platinum, Platinum, plax I let you hold some stacks, You gotta pay ‘em up bad Go buy you a couple Cadillacs Ball hard motherfucker, be black What’s that? Oh, this? Freshy, freshy, Freshy, freshy, yep What’s that? Oh, this? What, this? Freshy, you know, you know, You see this shit This shit freshy, freshy, freshy, Freshy, freshy, I’m fresh, I’m fresh, I’m fresh to death
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