Текст песни Demrick - That's Wassup

All The Wrong Things 2
Жанр: Rap
Исполнитель: Demrick
Альбом: All The Wrong Things 2
Длительность: 03:45
Рейтинг: 342
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Загрузил: method_85


Where that champagne at? Yeah, we trying to get faded Tell the DJ put us in rotation Motherfuck that playlist These 808s knock, shit's ignorant, the hoes flock Getting paper just don’t stop So we're never watching that clock She back it up and then drop It's nasty, and I like it She down to ditch her side kick Just to be my side chick I’m addicted to all that fly shit You know chains, watches, cars, houses I ain’t get it off of these ounces I got it all from clubs bouncing And bein' crazy enough to need counseling We standing up on these couches Our whole section is clownin' We made it off of our talents And it wasn’t even a challenge All this liquor I’m downing Got me bout to lose my balance [Hook] Said we ok, just mix a little bit of vodka with that OJ Throwing shots of patron, we on man they was foreplay Cause we about to turn it up Tell the dj turn it up Cause we don’t give a fuck And that’s wassup, wassup, yeah that’s wassup That’s wassup, wassup, yeah that’s wassup That’s wassup, wassup, yeah that’s wassup You getting paid, well go and do your thang (x2) [Verse 2] All about that life, found out tonight how you really roll Man that ain’t your wife, just gotta let that go These hoes choosin', who are you to try to stop Chase down the profit then you ain’t got to worry bout it They like Prada, Louie, Gucci, Fendi Niggas ridin' in them Bentleys, they got bitches, oh so many That’s why I’m doin' me, livin' cool I don’t like to make shit difficult But we wild out, act a fool, party startin' in the afternoon We twistin' up, hittin high, she like to roll, got her own supply Put that away, we smokin' mine In this club I pay the fine Take a drink this ain’t no wine This is red cups with lean inside We have a good time so be advised When you rollin' out with me and mines
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