Текст песни De La Soul - Ego Trippin' [Part Two]

Ego Trip's Greatest Hip-Hop Singles 1994
Жанр: Hip-Hop
Исполнитель: De La Soul
Альбом: Ego Trip's Greatest Hip-Hop Singles 1994
Длительность: 03:54
Рейтинг: 624
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Загрузил: AndrewCG


DOVE: I'm buggin' POS: E ghostbusters DOVE: Mercy mercy (ego trip ego trip) Mercy! (ego trip ego trip) Mercy!!! MASE: Aaah!!! Aaah!!! Aaah!!! Aaah!!! Aaah!!! Aaah!!! Aaah!!! Aaah!!! Aaah!!! Aaah!!! Aaah!!! Aaah!!! Aaah!!! Aaah!!! Aaah!!! Aaah!!! DOVE: Yep yep big trucker man's rollin' in town How ya do how ya do I got the joints to make ya...(JUMP!) Because I'm headin' eastbound Tired of the merry go round and around And everybody's talkin' bout you're so funny But they still tellin' lies to me I got the trees in my backyard And it's hard for them to tell a lie to me And who's the foot, I'm the foot but who's steppin' (Ain't no half steppin') You know where I'm steppin' Skirts play wit it cause I'm slick like that I'm the greatest MC in the world!! You gots to gimme gimme mine cause I'm heavy when I weigh it Watch the way I say it (ego trip) Change my pitch up, smack my bitch up I never did it The flavor's bein' butt but brothers ain't gettin' it Get it; or else you're a goner When I rolls over ya gonna have to wanna lamp Cause it's the chattanooga champ Takin' a train...Takin' a train...Takin' a train...Takin' a train... POS: Now I'm somethin' like a phenomenon I'm somethin' like a phenomenon Well I'm the hourglass cat Drug it out of jack DOVE: For jill POS: Cause I spilled the phenomenon Pack the holes in my lawn The girls in my saun[a] Word is born I'm a livin' phenomenon Well I'm a better brand cause I'm a superman I run the block with my circle cause I'm nubian I got the platinum rust, so don't even fuss Cause DJ Paul, he's down wit us Now people stop takin' my stylin' for a joke I don't sassafrass I put the foot up the ass Sometimes I'm fast, blow off like a seal SHORTIE NO MAS: When they reminisce over you POS: For real Mase chopped the record down to the bone And now Renee King is on my telephone But I got the Ring Ring Ha Ha Hey Hey SHORTIE NO MAS: Cause this type of shit it happens everyday POS: I got to make me a connection so my imports stuff (WORD!) Wo, word 'em up Cause I'm so fly... DOVE: Yes on and on I'm ins like (?) go buy my yacht I got Gills like Johnny Sail at 7 elf (well good for ya) Bigger than bigs, dig it (I dug it) Ways that amazes popes I am the is equals is cause it's caught up When the tides taught me the ropes No weights for the baits (man I'll give you four) For a verb unheard of (man gimme one more) Alright you got it if you're special With a dapper toe tapper when a lot's goin' on (And ain't a damn thing happenin') The answer to the riddle is me and here's the question Who can be (fresh) Who can be (dope) Who can be (nice) Who can be (beautiful) Who can be (word) Who can be.... POS: Me be the Jericho turnpike bandit Yes competition try to troupe my way I sing the song you never heard before I feed the famine in your mind So mind ya manners baby I run a line on ya Lay ya on the springs then sway ya All this and a condom cause I be a taxpayer Promotin' of a moccasin I skin like Danny Boone When I swallow hear the (gulp) So give me room just give me room back the hell up SHORTY NO MAS: Back the hell up Know what I'm sayin' POS: Or when I run the mic there won't be no delayin' Pressure 40 does it like a Easy Bake oven DOVE: Blues got the muffin SHORTY NO MAS: Eat it DOVE: Blues got the muffin
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