Текст песни Rittz - Like I Am

Life And Times Of Jonny Valiant
Жанр: Rap
Исполнитель: Rittz
Альбом: Life And Times Of Jonny Valiant
Длительность: 03:52
Рейтинг: 537
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Загрузил: mir70b8


Fuck the rookie of the year bitch I'm a future hall of famer You can see I came up Long time coming from a dude who never gave up You know another rapper comin' hard as me then name one Talk alot of shit about me, I don't entertain em Bang em, fuck hoes used to ball and chain em The groupie at the show that blew me, you would probably claim her Put the pimpin' on the bitch you suckers oughta tame her Blame me cause I turned her out she used to be an angel Stranger, but canned a strange music new addition Fans told me to kill it I'mma do what you insisted Real shit don't gotta separate the true from fiction Famous tee and Levis we ain't got the True Religion Coming out the super system on some slum shit Unfit for your kids to listen to a dumbie with a young bitch Eating mushrooms on a tool day long trip Dissolving molly capsules on a sunkist Come sip on meth, on coke Crush it with the credit card Or the room key used to get inside the travel lodge Camouflage, Jeremy Scott's in the Chevy Avalanche Fantasize about the life of it cause I'm an enterprise Fuck a bitch and when I finish tell the bitch no mas Adios! and I know you wanna party ho But I got alot of dough I'm trying to get I'm runnin' circles round these rappers tell em catch up on they cardio About to blow damn right, steppin on a land mine We can throw them hands I'm never scared of combat Representing in a A-Town skullcap I ain't from the country bitch mother fuck a straw hat We ain't ridin skateboards we be rocking all black Thinking that it's all good, find out that it's all bad Stick you up and run off with the shit y'all have Nerve of these guys, we ain't giving y'all dap (Hook) Please you ain't like us We ain't like them And if you listen close enough than you can be like I am You can be like I am , you can be like I am Shit you ain't like us We ain't like them And if you listen close enough than you can be like I am You can be like I am , you can be like I am You can be You can be like I am You can be like I am You can be like I am You can be like I am (Verse 2) See y'all be on some trash shit, I be tryin to smell good Burberry brit, bitch sniffin' and I smell blood I be like a predator, the only thing I fear is God Still y'all judging me because of my appearance You got alot of nerves everything I hear sucks Even if I was to use a pair of ear plugs Rappers looking like some lying lames trying to me trying hard Posing like they taking pictures for the year book Rowdy like a white kid who got a beer buzz We ain’t on no Miller, no Michelob Only brown liquor straight and mixed with Coke Put us in the four bitch no motel 6 hotel Indigo Me and you are the opposite of identical You just cocky I'm confident I'm an animal And I plan to go far with this rap shit You the type of dude to do the quit and give up on em like Deangelo Cameltoe pussy boy, gangsta on the internet That's why I don't respond to people coming incorrect This world small fuck a gun cause a punch in the mouth Will put a stop on people trippin on this twitter shit I ain't even trippin no with the whole eating raw Oysters on a half shell dripping in a mayonette On a saltine double I was called seeing shit Now walk inside the booth and I be spinning heads fire injury Red leather coat, coat, trend setter, flow, flow Feelin good because I got a couple grand to blow blow No hope pull the horses on a go go They try to keep me out the gimmick that's a no-go Pogo stick bitches still jump a dick Cause my buzz getting bigger by the tickin' of the second hand Make your wife try to hide her wedding band Make your life pathetic man, Damnit that'll never stand (Hook) Shit you ain't like us We ain't like t
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