Текст песни Eugenicz - Dear Allah

Global Annihilation
Жанр: Underground Rap
Исполнитель: Eugenicz
Альбом: Global Annihilation
Длительность: 01:38
Рейтинг: 547
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Загрузил: method_85


Verse 1 Dear Allah, How you doin and how's things over there Earth ain't all too good we could use some help down here We could use some extra jobs, food and water The iraqi war turned many fathers into martyrs The night weeps for the brothers n sisters slaughtered Curse the people who put innocent lives up for barter And now they tryna do the same thing to Iran But Iran will hold ground and fight until it's end And in Uganda theres less water then sand People drinkin mud over there, eroded lands And Africa too influenced by the white man Little kids walking around with guns in their hands N Palestine got some problems of their own But the past 60 years the west wont let it grow The presidents liein obama always bringin change The only thing that changed was his actual name Verse 2 i nearly forgot to tell you about Syria And it's fugitives who fled to nearby area's They running from bunkerbusters and bomb carriers But nowhere is safe because of the world's hysteria The world can't contain itself and so it seems. That mankind is measured in black gold and magazines And every thought is evil and innocence a lie It's just like you said in genesis six five It's been been 67 years since hitler's death But the war never stopped and i will not forget That the victims are now the oppressors occupying They saying that it belongs to them, they call it zion they spreading lies to stain the name of the Islam they shootin innocent people and then they say they armed but we got humility and pride we will never fall peace is no longer an option, embrace the war
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