Текст песни Jerry Butler - Make It Easy On Yourself

Radio Gold, Vol. 3
Жанр: Soul / Rock 'n' Roll / Rockabilly
Исполнитель: Jerry Butler
Альбом: Radio Gold, Vol. 3
Длительность: 02:42
Рейтинг: 536
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Загрузил: Lannna


Make it easy on yourself Oh, breaking up is so very hard to do Verse 1: If you really love him And there's nothing I can do Don't try to spare my feelings Just tell me that we're through Chorus 1: And make it easy on yourself Make it easy on yourself 'cause breaking up is so very hard to do Verse 2: And if the way I hold you Can't compare to his caress No words of consolation Will make me miss you less Chorus 2: My darling, if this is goodbye I just know I'm gonna cry So run to him Before you start crying too [repeat chorus 1] Oh, baby, it's so hard to do
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