Текст песни ASAP Rocky - Make It Stack (Feat. Lloyd Banks)

Жанр: Rap
Исполнитель: ASAP Rocky
Альбом: Goldie
Длительность: 04:43
Рейтинг: 875
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Загрузил: method_85


[Lloyd Banks - Verse 1] Too much thinkin’ On top of that, I’m gettin’ high and drinkin’ I’m floatin’ on cloud 9, watchin’ these niggas sinkin’ No blinkin’, you blink too much, you lose your turn Sleep is the cousin of death, you might as well pick your urn I been talkin’ my intentions, now it’s time to go and do it Take you were I come from, that influence on my music Ain’t no u-turns on this path, think before you choose it Hold this autograph, come get your cash and try to use it I came here unexpected, Ima leave a legend Brought up in this hell, how I’m breathin’ heaven I swear I fear I hear my niggas laughin while I’m ballin’ Woke up this mornin’ the weed and alcohol callin’ Livin’ that life of a mac, kickin’ them hoes out off ‘em Ask ‘em when they comin’ back, knowin’ that they done lost ‘em Hit them bitches from the back, I ain’t want all the talkin’ Don’t be blown at my jack, flat-line on that cat [Hook] Let’s get this money, then lets make it stack Then lets make history, ‘cause they can’t take that back Back to ballin’ and spendin’ Runnin’ up in these women, got a bitch out the movie Take a look how I’m livin’ And do you know what it took? I take you back down the road, before the riches and bitches And the platinum and gold I got it all from the work, no contract in my soul I don’t ball/bawl up and die, I bomb back on them hoes [A$AP Rocky - Verse 2] Uhh! I'm tryna buy my soul from Satan. I can't keep up with payments! Strange writings on the wall got me feelin' like a cavemen. (all right!) Call that shit the "Days Inn". Life is so degradin' But to my last statement, I keep praying till it's "Amen"! (uhh!) Top is where I'm aimin'. (yeah!) - Left the way I came in; I'm a keep on ravin' till them islands is the Caymens, (uhh!) And my bitch from Mexico. She don't know she next to go Suit yourself, then screw yourself! - Shoot yourself, Plaxicooo! Bang, bang! - Thought you were a giant. (uhh!) Couldn't hear the mournings, but I bet you hear them sirens. (uhh!) First I close my eyelids, (yeah!) - then everything is quiet. (quiet!) I could go out in silence, but I would prefer the riot. (yeah!) I catch the first star with my fist raised, Versace shades, my french braids Had sick chains since 6th grade - safe to say we've been slaved These niggas tryna shoot me! (uuuh!) - These crackers tryna sue me! (yeah!) Wake up to your favourite actresses; my life is like a movie, boy! (uhh!) [Hook] [Lloyd Banks - Verse 3] Heat up in the winter, so I’m cooler come the summer We out here, gamblin’ the ruger money sucker PYT all the way up to cougar, I'mma crush her And I always been a rebel, never been a cuffer You just talk it, you don’t does it, so all those who suffer You so humble out in public, computer make you tougher I got Rosé by the bottle, bitches by the car-load 6 or 7 new ones, I’m switchin’ up the mob Bitch I sleep in the Apollo, I’m always on stage I should take my show to broadway ‘cause that hallway like a grave Can’t no bitch get in my mind, so I know it’s physical I kick out the dimes, I think I’m invincible I climbed to the top, now I’m pissin’ off the pinnacle I pray to God that I get rich, gettin’ money spiritual Diamond in my physicals, that’s why Ima stand out You don’t got your hand in, you just got you hand out (son) [Hook] I bomb back on them hoes (x4)
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