Текст песни Marilyn Monroe - Heat Wave

Divas Exotica
Жанр: Lounge / Vocal Jazz / Easy Listening
Исполнитель: Marilyn Monroe
Альбом: Divas Exotica
Длительность: 04:25
Рейтинг: 682
MP3: Скачать
Загрузил: Lannna


We're havin a heat wave A tropical heat wave The temperatures rising, it isn't suprising She certainly can, can can! She started a heatwave By letting her seat wave, in such a way that the customers say that she certainly can, can-can! Gee, Gee! Her anatomy Makes the mercury Rise! to ninety three We're havin' a heat wave A tropical heat wave The way that she moves The thermometor proves that she certainly can! "What's your name honey?" "Pablo." Certianly can "Chico" Certainly can "Miguelito." "Pablo, Chico, Miguelito" OOOH! Can Can "Pablo, it say here under 'weather report' It's saying, a friendly warm air is moving in from..." "WHERE?" "Jamaica- moderatly high air pressure will cover the north east and.." "WHERE ELSE?" "The deep south.. small danger of..." "WHAT?" "Fruit frost! Hot and Humid nights can be expected!" "Vincent 95, Guadeloupe 97, Santo Domingo 99. Pardon me? 105?" We're having a heat wave A tropical heat wave The tempurature's rising it isn't suprising, I certainly can- can! I started this heatwave in such a way that the customers say that I certainly can (can-can) The man who need Makes the mercury rise to 93 We're having a heatwave, a tropical, a tropical heatwave the way that I move, that thermometer grooves She certainly certainly certainly can I certainly certainly certainly can can-can
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