Текст песни Protoje - Who Dem A Program

The 8 Year Affair
Жанр: Reggae
Исполнитель: Protoje
Альбом: The 8 Year Affair
Длительность: 03:27
Рейтинг: 419
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Загрузил: method_85


A who them a program Who them a young girl have them eye pon A who them a program Who informer sit down and a spy pon A who dem a program Who Mr. Babylon have them eye pon Who dem a Program Who informer sit down and a spy pon Is a brand new prince pon the scene Jah a move with me two foot prints that I mean See him when u see him, general fi the team This ya reign ya coming draw fi you gabardine Them a look and a watch like live stream And mi skunk purple like Ribena mean Them a dream like arlene Bout king them boy deh a queen like Carlene No bother tell me say me cant 5 6 7 8 drop in a me path Eeeeey warrior in a me heart Philosophic in a mind A deliver you art We naa watch no face make it do what it do From the first time when nomads a puupookopuu Cause dem nuh want see u in the coupe a go thru Dem will call Babylon and state trooper fi you Den then come with them warrant Kick off door a run in a you apartment wooii But the fire ago scawling oh when dem falling Caa say we never warn them wooii Eeeeey....But dem power couldn't real Try all dem want and dem couldn't crack the seal Eeeeey...Who nun hear dem ago feel A Selassie a mi shield So them couldn't stop the meal Watch the sprinter Man a run marathon Madda Dan one a don riddim wah me drop it pon Rapapaam dem nuh badda Dan Papa San Beet root carrot haffi pack Ina the caravan Travel plan, see u moving with a paragon Confident no confuse it with no arrogance Rasta man no confuse this with no Barack and Farrakhan Shashamane a weh we have da land Eeeeey fi mi words dem naa go mute I see what they do and that really never suit me Eeeey dem nuh even know the root Africa fi Africans I deliver u the truth
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