Текст песни Gary Allan - Every Storm (Runs Out Of Rain)

Set You Free
Жанр: Country Music
Исполнитель: Gary Allan
Альбом: Set You Free
Длительность: 03:47
Рейтинг: 791
MP3: Скачать
Загрузил: and1972


I saw you standing in the middle of the thunder and lightning, I know you’re feelin’ like you just can’t win but you’re tryin’, It’s hard to keep on keepin’ on when you’re bein’ pushed around, Don’t even know which way is up, just keep spinnin’ down, round, down, Chorus Every storm runs, runs out of rain, just like Every dark night turns into day, Every heartache’ll fade away, just like Every storm runs, runs out of rain, So hold your head up and tell yourself that there’s something more, walk out that door, Go find a new rose, don’t be afraid of the thorns, cuz we all have thorns, Put your feet up to the edge, put your face in the wind, And when you fall back down, keep on remembering, It’s gonna run out of pain, It’s gonna run out of sting, It’s gonna leave you alone, It’s gonna set you free, set you free, (Repeat chorus) It’s gonna set you free, It’s gonna run out of pain, It’s gonna set you free
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