Текст песни Flipsyde - Oh God

Tower Of Hollywood
Жанр: Rapcore
Исполнитель: Flipsyde
Альбом: Tower Of Hollywood
Длительность: 04:46
Рейтинг: 300
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Загрузил: 40fx48zf


When you ask me for help then its blasphemy. Cause I gave you everything that I had in me. Why you sittin on ya ass and you mad at me. When I think about your life its a tragedy. Wasn't nobody there to witness when I made this world. Created the sun the moon the boys and girls. I gave em the holy spirit and they chose to fear it. Now you fillin up the churches cause the end is nearer. How dare you believe I could live in a house. See your body is the temple and you kicked me out. With the drugs and the drank and the murder and the rape and you think it get erased sunday when you pray? You say that you believe but it aint what you say, its the life that you lead in the night and the day. I'm in the AK in the night when it spray, I'm the baby in the grave I'm the life that you take. Many souls line up for a chance at life. And I let em all know, its a sacrifice. And they let it all go, in the name of love. Get born and bred to be hoes and thugs. And you cussin at the kids and you steal they heart. See they came from the stars and you tear em apart. And you blame it on the devil but he don't exist. All this lawlessness, I'm all of this. Got love for ya soul but ya soul is numb. And I'm knowin that you can't remember where you from. And the road get long with a heart a stone, I figured that it be better just to bring you home. And the world that ya in's gonna end from within cause the minute that you sin the destruction begins. It never was the plan turnin dust into men just to have you turn around and not trust from within. From the black to the brown to the red and white. Every color in between from the dark to light. You don't wanna live together then prepare to fight. You don't wanna make it better then prepare to die. Made all of you different and I hoped you'd listen. Instead of killin one another but the hope was missin. And you starin at ya brother like you scared to death. Realize when you die that you failed the test. See I made me a woman and you called her bitch. Then I made me a man and his throat was slit. So I made me a plan. Made me a band, background music while the whole world end. I'm the only reason why this old world spins. You commited treason let the sentencin begin. Melt the ice caps you can see the sea rise. Flood each and everything I despise. Cuttin all the trees now ya lungs can't breath. Ozone get depleted and you fry from UVs. Mountains gon crumble, valleys gon rise. Begging me to stop steady tellin me lies. You could never change, your life's out of time. All the good people dead you are not one of mine. OH God Don't call me, call the cops I'm sorry but I know you not You don't wanna feel my wrath You still tryin to hide ya past Oh God please have mercy on me.
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