Текст песни Imperial Age - Turn The Sun Off!

Turn The Sun Off!
Жанр: Symphonic Metal
Исполнитель: Imperial Age
Альбом: Turn The Sun Off!
Длительность: 14:16
Рейтинг: 686
MP3: Скачать
Загрузил: DCLXVI


I. THE PRESAGE. There is a permanent fire Burning inside our hearts, We shall never betray Our purity of Gods. But those who choose to be weak, Those who linger behind, Those who always retreat, They commit suicide. Their Sun will stop burning... Now make your choice Whether to join us and be free, Or get lost In the purifying flame Of our wrath, There is no space in one place For both Beasts and Gods! There is fear in your hearts, Uselessness in your eyes. There shall never be mercy For the cancer of the Earth! You can only consume, You sleep away your lives, You have no ways to evolve, Only one path - to die! Our Sun will die because of you! The brightest light Will shine forever on the Wise We will rise Far, far above the dark blue skies, Our minds In concordance with our souls Will create A worthy world! II. THERE IS HOPE There's so much to do together, We could live forever, And this hell might never, Never return... The whole world is against us, And it shall burn!!! Rise your head above the sky, And let the ground be shaken By your battle cry! You are not forsaken, Your soul can not be taken, Unless you wish it to be done! In the eternal fields of Darkness The Primordial Chaos is whirling We collect our strength eternal To create a brand new world! Those who waste their time on nothing Will doze in a lifelong slumber, Till the time the High Command rings: TURN THE SUN OFF! III. THE BEGINNING OF THE END The sun will darken, The air will chill throughout, The heaven will collapse, The darkest winds will blow, Across the desert of Seth. Arise, who lie beneath the ground! IV. RISE OF THE UNDEAD In every place and in every direction bones start shivering beneath the ground, and out of every hole, every low place the Undead crawl into the light of the darkening sun and countless dead eyes are gazing at the still beatiful but dying Earth... This is the end... But you asked for it... Inexorable... implacable... Purification! There was a little hope... You could live in a world So bright and strong! It could last forever... The brightest light Could shine forever on the Wise We could rise Far, far above the dark blue skies, Our minds In concordance with our souls Could create A worthy world!.. V. THE DEAD WILL MARCH THE EARTH Hold the line! Spare none but the worthy! Purify the world! Eradicate the human disease! Get ready! Hold on! The world is ours! Only the decent will survive! We are the healers of the Earth! VI. A NEW AEON DAWNS Time! It is the morning time, But I see no light, No light in the sky: There is no sun! Only the stars Shine in the night, Inly the night, Eternal night... Soon the world Will invert itself And Brahma's breath Will repeat... Countless new suns Dawn on the edge Of the world, A new Aeon Is starting...
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