Текст песни Skinnyman - Day To Day Basis

Kidulthood - OST / Шпана - Саундтрек
Жанр: OST
Исполнитель: Skinnyman
Альбом: Kidulthood - OST / Шпана - Саундтрек
Длительность: 02:29
Рейтинг: 1434
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Загрузил: -Pauk-


[Intro: "interviewer" (Skinnyman)] "So Skinnyman, now that you've signed a deal with talkin loud and your currently recording your album, how's this altered your lifestyle...?" (Let me play this one, tell you exactly how it is in ? cause in my life, ain't nuttin nice...check ya blud...) [Skinnyman] Nowadays I live my life on a day to day basis cuz everybody in the whole fam's got cases romin the streets that are full of the screw faces resortin us back to the blocks that are on the stair cases we hope we don't get to face the bases who wanna try and raise us to take the papers, laterz to what my whole council estate is dwellin on the city on top of these sky scrapers me? I keep a watch over the whole of my acres to those who wanna take us from 5'0's to fakers cuz all were tryin'a be is money makers so we might have had a chance to escape from some of these derelict places were livin life at fast paces It's like were gutter rats tryin'a contend these rap races so best to tighten up your laces cuz this year I'm steppin up a year to fast for you to chase us You think id wanna stick around this town and have to wait for a crackhead to beat my mum down to get a phone call sayin just bring your money now by any little ? with a bucket runnnin round I don't love the sound of what those haters wanna do to me thats why I'm not givin them any opportunity for me its not about all of the money and the jewellrey survival of the fittest-its life so now its you or me and I don't wanna move away from the flats but thats they only way for me to get away from these cats I sit and wonder why the fuck it has to be like that and wonder it would have been like if we blew up in rap but thats a dream and me I put reality first and yeah its real that these theives wanna steal your mums purse does it seem, the whole of this manor is cursed like the bubble is boilin and just waitin to burst this generations gettin worse-these yoot man are comin up nuttins out there for 'em so they just don't give a fuck and they gettin to lose for them/they're out on streets late nights confused again you put your feet in their shoes for them and you see what you can do for them and you too might screw for them and this ain't really nuttin new for them a man like you will probably label them a hooligan to live good or bad, but me I'm mud cause the hood is bad dressin in rags on the ? you know my hood is mad we worry bout gettin beat up or stabbed now we worry bout the man thats come to shoot up the ? the dreams we used to have are gone for those hopes are basic needs were in the bottom of the barrel tryin'a fight for lifes necessities those older man takin time to give advice to me tryina show me just how nice my life could be with me id like to share the vision but all I see is man on a mission my streets are full of friction and you can check my diction it gets deep everywhere that you go cuz theres snakes everywhere in every ghetto you go wo wo... [Outro: "interviewer"] "So there we have it, a live interview from Skinnyman outside subterania-the infamous home of hip hop-this is ?...signing out..."
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