Текст песни Spoonie Gee - Spoonin' Rap

Ego Trip's Greatest Hip-Hop Singles 1980
Жанр: Hip-Hop
Исполнитель: Spoonie Gee
Альбом: Ego Trip's Greatest Hip-Hop Singles 1980
Длительность: 07:03
Рейтинг: 612
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Загрузил: AndrewCG


You say One for the trouble Two for the time Come on, y'all, let's rock the - ( *whistle* ) Yes, yes, y'all Freak, freak, y'all Funky beats, y'all Then you rock 'n roll Then you roll 'n rock And they you rockin to the beat that just don't want you to stop Cause I'm the S to the p-double o-n-y The one MC who you can't deny Cause I'm the baby-maker, I'm the woman-taker I'm the cold-crushin lover, the heartbreaker So come on, fly girls, and please don't stop Cause I'm MC Spoonie Gee, wanna hit the top And young ladies, rock on Say I was drivin down the street on a stormy night Say up ahead there was this terrible fright There was a big fine lady, she was crossin the street She had a box with the disco beat So I hit my brakes, but they're not all there I missed the young lady by only a hair And then I took me a look, I said, La-di-da-di A big fine girl, she had a hell of a body Then she looked at me and then she started switchin So I took my key out of the ignition Got out the car and kept my mouth shut Cause my 20-20 vision was right on her butt I caught up with her, I said, You look so fine I swear to God I wish you was mine She said, Hey boy, you're Spoonie Gee That's right, honey, how did you know me? She said, Spoonie Gee, you're all the same And everybody who disco know your name I said, Come on baby, it's not too far We gonna take a little walk to my car Once we got to the car, then we sat in the seat And then the box was rockin to the funky beat And then I looked at her and pushed the seat back Turned off her box and put on my 8-track And then I started rappin without no pause Cause my mind was just gettin in those draws And then I got in the straw, we started do it to the beat And started doin like this, started doin the freak Yes, yes, y'all Freak, freak, y'all Cause I'm MC Spoonie Gee, I wanna be known As the metropolitician of the microphone Cause I'm a man's threat And I'm a woman's pet And I'm known as the mamsel's joy And I'm a man who fights on the microphone And who all the people enjoy, y'all Yes, yes, y'all Freak, freak, y'all And don't stop Keep on Say I was breakin and freakin at a disco place I met a fine girl, she had a pretty face And then she took me home, you say, The very same night? The girl was on and she was outta sight And then I got the girl for three hours straight But I had to go to work, so I couldn't be late I said, Where's your man? she said, He's in jail I said, Come on baby, cause you're tellin a tale Cause if he comes at me and then he wants to fight See I'ma get the man good and I'ma get him right See I'ma roll my barrel and keep the bullets still And when I shoot my shot, I'm gonna shoot to kill Cause I'm the Spoonie-Spoon, I don't mess around I drop a man where he stand right into the ground You say from Africa to France, say to Germany Because you can't get a man tryin to mess with me Cause I'm a smooth talker, I'm the midnight stalker I'm the image of the man they call the J.D. Walker If you're gonna be my girl, just come along And just clap your hands to my funky song I don't drink, I don't smoke, I don't gamble neither And most people call me a woman pleaser Cause I keep their phone numbers on the shelf I go to make love, and then keep it to myself So no one's gonna know what I'm doin to you Not your sister, brother, niece, nor your mother, father too And take that y'all And don't stop You keep on and on and on and on Like hot butter on say what, the popcorn Young ladies rock on Fly guys What a big surprise Cause I'm MC Spoonie Gee, don't take no mess &g
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