Текст песни Big Shug - Official

Ego Trip's Greatest Hip-Hop Singles 1996
Жанр: Hip-Hop
Исполнитель: Big Shug
Альбом: Ego Trip's Greatest Hip-Hop Singles 1996
Длительность: 03:43
Рейтинг: 467
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Загрузил: AndrewCG


[Verse 1: Ed O.G] I sat back and took a look, but son got stole like a crook Yo he shook, we into every cranny and nook, so look You'll get open like a book in the library Where niggas lie and die heavy in the 'bury So sons I roll with, I throw with If shit unfolded, unravel, who rolled it? Hold it, to the tips til its burnin' Couldn't feel the gap in my bamboo, dogs wasn't churnin' But the world keeps turnin' From Dorchester, to Matapan, to Mount Vernon Yo the city life be intense You can get jumped like a fence ghetto thirst being quenched Where niggas mob like the lynch, rob like the grinch who stole christmas Don't get yourself dismissed Or get crumbled like tissue I see through your crew like crystal Lets make it official [Verse 2: Scientifik] It's the return of the dragon who keep his pants saggin' Write more shit than the graffiti artists taggin' in the trainyard My mental weapons leave your brain scarred The edo flow will keep it real you never change god The mic controller powerful like ayatollah Shine like solar, who could get caught like I was polar Hard just like a molar tooth, a hundred proof Like some yukon jack, cause the true don's back I just gotta get paid, make sure that J get made You get sprayed like windex, when I flex the index Finger, you'll be dead like a ringer Its only Scientifik got his song like singer Control your whole shit, yous a fraction like 3/10 Bring your brigade and get played like defense You been a G since you heard about spice one A lot of rappers got guns I have to slice one When I sneak up in the party with my razor Plus I got a crew that could burn with the blazers And leave a trail of blood all the way to portland Organized on the side never go to court and You know I have an empire when I strike back Im havin sneaky niggas sayin sci's like that [Verse 3: Big Shug] On the microphone I'm surprising I'm burning down MC's houses like that chick did Andre Rison Still keeping them off balance, they can't challenge Their whole shit is absent or malice It's Big Shug I'm the best in the game I'm running up lanes, I got the power of a freight train I hit ya in the chin, chin to head, head to ground Boom, when I knock your ass down '95 the brand new sound, from a new town With mad brothas to get down We should have had ours by now So if you stand in the way catch the cock back blaow! I keep the mad lyrical And if you fuck up,then I'll be signing at your funeral It's not the way to go out But when we come about We tearing niggas the fuck up and kicking 'em out And maintain and keep it real Knowing the rhythm of steel and make sure you all feel It's a B-O-S-T-O-N thing And we come with mad drama to bring When we shoot, we won't mis-shoot, hate to have to diss you But this year, its official Yea [Outro] Now hold up, let's make this official (4x)
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