Текст песни Pestroy - Cortisone

Enemy Within
Жанр: Nu-Metal
Исполнитель: Pestroy
Альбом: Enemy Within
Длительность: 04:14
Рейтинг: 332
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Загрузил: ProBoris


Binding my time as I wait Gonna jump through this hoop yet again And I'll do whatever you say One day you will all go away Fuck it! You ripped out my heart yet again Listen You ripped out my heart yet again [2x] But I'm OK Doing fine And by the way.. You were the One who told me that we would [never make it] All that I built up I'm forced [now to break it] I can't see clearly now why [can't I take it?] I am who I am and why [would I change for you?] I am waiting You remind me Constant hating Builds inside me [2x] Constant pressure forcing my surrender Close my mind to scope with your agenda Who's got the power to make it go away Shut down my heart, no more hurt for today And you and I And you and I And you and I Will break [come on] break [come on] Forcing myself into what was not mine Who's got the time? Feeling sublime, and I'm not about to sit back and smile Relax and while You ripped out my Heart yet again You ripped out my I... wait...
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