Текст песни 2 Pac - Late Night (feat. DJ Quik, Outlawz)

Better Dayz
Жанр: Gangsta Rap / West Coast Rap
Исполнитель: 2 Pac
Альбом: Better Dayz
Длительность: 04:18
Рейтинг: 2314
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Загрузил: Partizan


[DJ Quik] Hey 'Pac, it's yo' boy Hey man so far I've been listenin to your album and I ain't heard nuttin you could kick back and smoke a beadie to You know? Yeah like that Some of that mellow shit Some of that shit that make bitches drink Make niggaz think And help you check a fat-ass bank, hahahah So why don't you kick some of that shit, nigga only you know how Hahahah, feel me? [2Pac] I'm barely standin, and plus my secondhand say it's midnight Some Alize and Cristal guaranteed to get right Like misdemeanors is a small thang With DJ Quik in this bitch, I let my balls hang Runnin through the street lights, cause we like, yo nigga get your mobb on show em what a G like Around the corner it's like Vegas, or better yet like Reno Niggaz poppin, welcome to our casino, cause you and me know hundred percent like a c-note Lookin for a bitch that's half-black and filipino And when I meet her I'ma offer her some indo Tounge-kissin on the window of a pearl white limo Don't wanna be your man, I'm your nigga Touch me here, I'll get bigger While I'm diggin I'll get deep into your liver I'm game type Love fuckin bitches in the same night My words are aphrodisiacs if you say em right The club be poppin so I'm stoppin at the Fat Burger Look through the paper it's another black crack murder The city's full of surprises, you can live or you can die You can fuck on the first night, or try, in the late night [Hussein Fatal] Around my way we lamp, many styles get cramped I clock rocks in the rain til my socks is damp Ain't NUTTIN like bein a thug when I can just sit on the Row of Death straight knowin that I'm blessed Hussein Fatal, flawless fatality Overdosin on crime, three steps from reality Get up to get down, represent your town, last night was poppin like like cocked glocks with hollow-tip rounds [Kadafi] From bootycalls to bail sheets, it ain't no tellin if I wake up in the county in my jail sheets My intuitions and ambitions up in the late night probably involves me comin up with just to see another day Might be me who bites the bullet In these streets where a man journey With crooked cops and a society who tryin to burn me I'm like a pit in a cage, spittin my shells in a gauge Deadly as AIDS, niggaz gettin crossed like a maze Now picture me livin my life like a king, maybe one day Until then I'm livin Monday through Sunday Bringin the gunplay for all these beefs and battles When we collide, I'm a ride on that hide like cattle Cowards best to skedaddle in the late night [2Pac] Money and multiple gunshots are shown, large amps are blown Niggaz in low-lows, pursuin mo' hoes, then go home The life of a California star, and when you see me in the drop-top Jag', how many niggaz wanna be me? Game is automatic, manditory I sell To Live or Die, I survive, but with a story to tell Cause when you gettin some riches, watch for dumb bitches They have you labelled a rapist before you get to tongue-kissin It's a mean world nigga you strapped, or be a throwaway Will I survive the late night, to see dawn of day? Nobody knows me, I'm a shadow My army fatigues made for battle, pockets full of ammo Cause when I'm out in the streets, I'm on point, where the static? Too many done died from semis, so now we automatic I dissapear whenever heated, ride whenever needed for my niggaz up in Clentin gettin weeded Continue to roll until I'm old, ride until I die Supply long as you motherfuckers buy My homies rolled by in a bucket, but they ain't short and duckin Slappin niggaz known for tellin bitches FUCK-IT in the late night
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