Текст песни 2 Pac ft. Outlawz - Homeboyz

Still I Rise
Жанр: Rap / Hip-Hop / Gangsta Rap
Исполнитель: 2 Pac ft. Outlawz
Альбом: Still I Rise
Длительность: 03:38
Рейтинг: 2383
MP3: Скачать
Загрузил: Partizan


Oh shit, caught that nigga alone Ain't that a bitch Hey, uh, this one here is, uhh for them niggaz that be Johnny Dangerous when they be fuckin fifty deep But they be fuckin cowards when they by theyselves You know who I'm talkin about (You know who I'm talkin about) that's right You ain't shit without your homeboys You ain't shit without your homeboys You ain't shit without your homeboys Now Now everytime I see you cats is rollin in packs For the life of me I cannot see why you don't know how to act Love to clown when you deep, but when you on that solo creep out on the streets you don't hear a peep Nigga it's a god damn shame, somebody explain why they sent a Bad Boy to play a grown man's game Tear that ass out the frame, completely get that ass kicked Woke up on the street but you'll be sleepin in the casket How long will it last, nigga don't ask, just be first to blast Outlaw on the mash tryin to be the first to see some cash My shit's classic, like my nigga Nate Go get the tape, we keep the nation anticipatin until we break Money made me evil, court cases got me stressed Niggaz aimin at my head but I still wear my vest I don't give a fuck motherfuckers I'm loc They all duckin when my gun smoke cause you ain't shit without your homeboys You probably run at the sound of funk I give a fuck, you niggaz is punks Without your homeboys, you be the first to reach in your trunk You scary niggaz is punks, you ain't shit without your homeboys Nigga, punk ass motherfucker You ain't shit without your homeboys Throw your hands up you little trick, coward motherfucker (Young Noble) Like Yak said, how the fuck you gonna shoot me rocks When you got the Outlaw 'Pac shittin ya box You was lookin real weak walkin down the street Now a nigga thirty deep, oh you wanna beef Talk cheap, shoot a nigga the fair one Your homies like fuck it, what's this you the only scared one (faggot ass) Damn son, close call I bet Now down around the way you gets no respect They like that Outlaw nigga played you out We could have took it to the firfth I would I have laid you out Niggaz be actin all different when they dogs come around Watch em act like bitches when Outlawz draw down They all clown, better yet they all stunned You the type to have a gun and never blazed it once Get y'all banana split, you ain't Emmanuel Outlawz you'll never forget Makaveli the Don get a call y'all Turnin these streets into Vietnam Where your homeboys, homeboy (2Pac) You ain't shit without your homeboys My thug niggaz, I love niggaz From small time crooks to big-time drug dealers My homeboys, the only thing a nigga got left I love my niggaz to death, we ain't shit without our homeboys .. You know what time it is I ain't shit without my homeboys Hey, tell em the story how you came up nigga Now I was born alone, took my first joint and I got high alone Now I'm an Outlaw nigga, I never die alone Me and my niggaz is so close, it's complicated One nigga smokin and drinkin, and yet we all faded My nigga Edi had a son we all happy Cause now that little ridah got to deal with eight daddies My niggaz cry, we all cry, and all ride To rectify the problem, motherfuckers they all die Been tryin to make a million, by hustlin since my adolescense From crack dealin to rap villian, my new profession Who wanna see me at eight deep, fuck 3D You coward ass motherfuckers'll never see me Bustin with automatic straps, my raw raps like good crack Niggaz fiendin, I got em comin back Until I die, they label me as a ridah Forever, my niggaz be together Ain't shit without your homeboys Thug niggaz I love niggaz From small time crooks to big-time drug dealers Without your homeboys, the only thing a nigga got left
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