Текст песни Pink Floyd - You Gotta Be Crazy

Жанр: Hard Rock
Исполнитель: Pink Floyd
Альбом: Money
Длительность: 18:30
Рейтинг: 998
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Загрузил: vasz


You gotta be crazy, you gotta be mean You gotta keep your kids and your car clean You gotta keep climbing, you gotta keep fit You gotta keep smiling, you gotta eat shit You gotta be small to be a big shot You gotta eat meat to stay at the top You gotta be trusted, gotta tell lies You gotta be able to narrow your eyes You gotta believe they've gotta believe you You gotta appear easy to see through Gotta be sure you look good on the TV Gotta resemble a human being You gotta keep one eye over your shoulder Gonna get harder as you get older Gotta fly south and hide in the sand Gotta forget that you're gonna get cancer And when you lose control You'll reap the harvest you have sown And as the fear grows The bad blood slows and turns to stone And it's too late to lose the weight You used to need to throw around So have a good drown As you go down Alone Dragged down by the stone Gotta be sure, you gotta be quick Gotta divide the tame from the sick Gotta keep some of us docile and fit You gotta keep everyone burying this shit You gotta get you started early Processed by the time you're thirty Work like fuck 'till you're sixty five And then your time's your own until you die I gotta admit to a lot of confusion Pain in the head is the child of collusion Gotta resist the creeping malaise You gotta believe in the way you get out of the maze But you, you just keep on pretending You can tell a sucker from a friend But you still raise the knife to Stranger, lover, friend and foe alike Who was born in a house full of pain Who was sent out to play on his own Who was raised on a diet of shame Who was trained not to spit in the fan Who was told what to do by the man Who was broken by trained personnel Who was fitted with bridle and bit Who was given a seat in the stand Who was forcing his way to the rails Who was offered a place on the board Who was only a stranger at home Who was ground down in the end Who was found dead on the phone Who was dragged down by the stone
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