Текст песни 8-Bit HaraKiri - Sorry, Your Princess Is In Another Castle

Жанр: Alternative Rock / Hip-Hop / Experimental
Исполнитель: 8-Bit HaraKiri
Альбом: ONI
Длительность: 05:01
Рейтинг: 523
MP3: Скачать
Загрузил: Cvitoi


Have you ever wondered what its like to be in love? Like, real love, not the kind where you push and shove each other to the edge in a constant state of regret When the best part of your day is the fucking loaded gun to your head Well guess what? There's no love. Never will be and I'm fucked. Everything I have ever wanted is a pipe dream and I'm out of luck. Like, "Oops you're out of time. Your girl? Last night she was mine. I had her from behind while I was fucking her from the backside, I dont want her anyway." Everything she says is always just a filthy lie Built on the foundation of her tattooed skin and fuck me eyes Never have I ever seen someone so dead inside One thing I learned from her is love is a lie. I rip my heart out and give in to the silence There's something wicked in her eyes and I despise it I hate this life because I'm so alone There's nothing in this world that can save me so just leave me alone Sometimes at night when I'd dream, I'd dream of her Her eyes are like the ocean, drowning you into forever But forever isn't ever, it's pretty much just never and when you're broken down you'll think "Damn, she is clever." Because the way she tears your heart out like your love doesn't mean shit to her and you're dead to her and when the hate occurs your pretty much just a regular pile of shit to her. Just another soul to burn. Everything that you thought was real is just another game to her Now I know the way all the fucking games are played Laying on your back, you whore, nothing will be the same Every time I close my eyes I will be the one to put you underground so that you'll never see the sun
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