Текст песни Archive - Junkie Shuffle

You All Look The Same To Me (Nouvelle Edition) (2CD)
Жанр: Trip-Hop
Исполнитель: Archive
Альбом: You All Look The Same To Me (Nouvelle Edition) (2CD)
Длительность: 10:41
Рейтинг: 716
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Загрузил: mr-beesty


We teach your Your children We nurse you Back to health We act on Your behalf You’ll see us On TV We are the law… We ain’t doin’ nothing much (repeated) The Junkie Shuffle Junkie Shuffle (Repeat) Men Like You It’s men like you That make me sick Start me off So Come on It’s men like you I’d like to crack Your head wide open And leave you smokin So come on It’s men like you Who think you feature A god like creature A world class teacher Spineless Fool Retarded Mule Backward Dog Philistine Hog Backward Dog Philistine Hog So come on It’s men like you A low life loser Second rate user Your mother tried to lose you On the back of a bus On the back of a bus She tried to save us So come on Sham God dog Sunday no funday Holy joke Go away No fun None whatsoever Ya sister is sinking Chorus I know I believe I believe I believe That it's beautiful I know I believe Yeah I think I Believe that It's wonderful I know if I leave My belief Then I leave what's incredible It's gonna take a better man To get me out of this sham If it stays like this You're a failure If you keep it up You're a failure Because we want What you're supposed to give us You're a failure We want what we're supposed to have You're a failure No fun whatsoever No fun whatsoever No fun
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