Текст песни Aesop Rock - no jumper cables

Tony Hawk's Underground 2 - OST
Жанр: OST
Исполнитель: Aesop Rock
Альбом: Tony Hawk's Underground 2 - OST
Длительность: 03:58
Рейтинг: 5039
MP3: Скачать
Загрузил: DartHomer


Burn train buffers My fancy Up jumps the boogie delivering eye jammies Walk through the muck with a clutch on a trident Never give a fuck how far Pi went You are dealing with a reborn icicle age poltergeist Uprock, sidewalk cycles stuck at the bus stop Wookie foot must not sleep Under the invaders No batteries No jumper cables Wired underagers play box cutter facelift Rock utter makeshift spirit To y'all I'm just a funny moniker with a couple of fresh records And a bangin' hand style to put the jukies On the guest list Walk for that Metal train graf brainiac Walk for them Not a limelight more to blush alizarin crimson when the multi million Tin men suck traditional rituals Out the homes of starving children And I bet they can see the city bleeding from the satellites Formed by the corporate war drums recorded poorly Dirty dub vamp. Bruised by the hues of wicked pallets Chewed by the tooth of livid maggots Dino DNA and cola, straight no chaser Mars attacks colorfulness I piss raptors on motherships Hazy days will stay purple Cause Cips with a Z bargain Like Crazy Eddie commercials Go Ah AH AHH AHHH network with a dirt devil Burn train buffers. Hi! Cute the way your little parasol spins. Bye! Suck my Neanderthal dick. Catapults spit. Losing the screws and bolts and all they heard's crews gulp in bulk and sulk in volts Zap! Radio m-m-m-m-mayhem, fine. Suicidal eye full of plastic nine. Bang! No batteries No jumper cables [x2] (Come on) [chorus] Catapult Jump motherfuckers No batteries Catapult Jump motherfuckers No cables They only came to buff the name stuck to the train That's a textbook page for my seed up in flames Catapult Jump motherfuckers No batteries Catapult Jump motherfuckers No cables Curators cater to killers of innovators I'm a staple No batteries no jumper cables [/chorus] Choke train buffers like a headlocked Ed Koch Nurture the craft of concrete visionaries Cave painters screaming "Loosen the cuffs!" Cave paintings get the natural history feather dust Pick a lust. Limo tint stretch delorian chrome sittin on twenties Then I walk to the stouge, burning my laundry Lo Pro, fucked up jeans back at the party spinning Kane meets Flight of the Valkryies in a heartbeat. Saber tooth, catalog, city art, liturgy Ranger Ricks endanger the clique maximum efficiency And isn't that dope? The line of blind winged Pygars and how they wallow planks into the matmos. Binder bibles and a graphite prison violator with Joshua for the war gamer systems. Now the architects are rioting cause we built something different I'm like how the fuck sure shot evolution not my business? My elephant television was on. Grape soda, Grape ape, Great space coaster, DnD, GI Joe, Transformer, Herculiod, ThunderCat, Voltron, Speed Racer, Space Ghoster. Kiss the flickering images with Carroll Ann fingertips, C-4 to four chamber skips, Ohh shit... They say his eyes were spiraling back when he hit the mat Woke first words: "Oh it's like that?" Started bendin spoons and rippin arrows outa lady hawks With a C3P unit tryin to interpret the baby talk Burn train buffers Right turn woulda missed the iceberg, fine. But you don't like our kind. Do you? Junkyard Dog. Hot tin roofs cradle kittens with them sub par flaws. Rappin is my radio, graffiti is my TV. B-boys keep them windmills breezy. [chorus x2] Don't get cooked by the pilot light I can smell metal in the air tonight [x3] Don't get cooked by the pilot light I can smell metal in the air tonight [x3]
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