Текст песни Napalm Death - If The Truth Be Known

Harmony Corruption
Жанр: Deathgrind
Исполнитель: Napalm Death
Альбом: Harmony Corruption
Длительность: 04:11
Рейтинг: 3336
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Загрузил: tolstik88


[Lyrics Embury/Greenway - Music Embury] Your self-determined place of value Think before you act! Can you justifiably criticise A situations development Sometimes there's only a single path Which we have to walk You realise before you even speak That we're standing in a one-way street Why should we retreat? - To satisfy your gain? Think hard - tell me What's your actual thoughts? Could you even give your brain the time of day? Live your life and don't live mine I'm not defending things I've said or done But let he without sin Cast the first begrudging stone If the truth be known you desire to judge unchallenged and revel in the according attention
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