Текст песни Lita Ford - Mother

Living Like A Runaway
Жанр: Hard Rock / Heavy Metal
Исполнитель: Lita Ford
Альбом: Living Like A Runaway
Длительность: 02:53
Рейтинг: 3448
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Загрузил: valda005


I am your mother, Your flesh and blood, your family, yeah And like no other Until they bury me 6 foot deep No matter what the future holds And even know you just began to grow Just know you’ll always have your mother The damage is done, I never wanted things to work out this way My little ones, how do I say how sorry I am Some day you’ll see the truth And you’ll come running back to me Just know you’ll always have your mother You’ll always have your mother He lies to you, and … He tries to find … Should be crucified, …left to die He paints an ugly picture of you and die It’s so far from truth … see only when you hurt me But … my love for you I am your mother Please understand why I had to leave Pain was deep, He was hurting me, When you look in the sky at a shinning star Listen to your heart and know who you are And I’ll always be your mother I’ll always be your mother I’ll always be a part of you.
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