Текст песни Snak The Ripper - Yup

White Dynamite
Жанр: Rap
Исполнитель: Snak The Ripper
Альбом: White Dynamite
Длительность: 03:14
Рейтинг: 440
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Загрузил: mir70b8


Yeah, Yo So is it me or am I stupid for thinkin The weekend aint long enough? Don't speak of the week our some drink in my cup Cause the past few days was tough Cause my boys is rollin' with me And some girls are gettin' tipsy actin dumb and stuff *Snak's amazing chuckle* I got one thing on my mind and its havin' a good time And I aint stoppin' till the sun comes up Yeah! I spent eight straight hours In the van On the road Just arrived in ya city Gettin' ready to explode Drinks stop the flow Got the money Smoke blow Hotel room party! Gettin ready for the show I got this feelin in my gut Its hard to describe, Feelin deprived from havin' good times, Tell me why! I work too much, FUCK I feel like lettin' loose Fire the juice Writing on the beat, Lightly produced Damage stickin' in We party savage over here Hardly managin' this band from all these sandwitches and beer We just magically appear when those tops come off Talking bottles, Naked bottles Fuckin' tops knocked off Just sayn' we get it in If its a game we play to win We stick together ????? Ephiderin So if ya feelin like' I'm feelin' putcha hands up to the ceilin' if you know you bout' to get fucked up Yup Yup So is it me or am I stupid for thinkin the weekend aint long enough? Dont speek of the week pour some drink in my cup cause the past few days was tough But my boys is rollin' with me and some girls are gettin tipsy Actin fun, Actin dumb and stuff, I got one thing on my mind and its havin a good time and I aint stoppin till the sun comes up Yup Yup I'm on stage now Confused on how I got here Woosy and obnoxios Havin trouble tryin to talk clear Prolly from stoppin by a bar or two Yada Yada Got a notion of liqour Up and Brewin in my blader duh, Rock don't matter Neva' lookin for the time tonight All i know my buz is a crime Nigga be tryin me with them rhymes Obviously saw some roller with is possy at the bar So bizzare Twisted up Put some weed in a cigar All the memory deleted Never seen it at a party Just a part of me believes What aint stoppin out
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