Текст песни Omnium Gatherum - Chameleon Skin

Жанр: Melodic Death
Исполнитель: Omnium Gatherum
Альбом: Redshift
Длительность: 04:56
Рейтинг: 716
MP3: Скачать
Загрузил: freeza


Sleep! To slip through realms A light beam To fulfill the shadow And a team Is sometimes what you -need- Growing stronger by the nano(aeon) Then pay heed To what I say, No more day by day Sin-king Into agony See Now the shape is Different again And again Back to Little old me From time to time You have to be Like A chameleon dream Bliss Growing more silent By the aeon Then Pay The need To hear What I say No more Endless awaken hours Never to dream hopelessly Climbing The snake-skin-thing -- To redeploy energy.
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