Текст песни Pennywise - X Generation

All Or Nothing
Жанр: Punk-Rock
Исполнитель: Pennywise
Альбом: All Or Nothing
Длительность: 03:15
Рейтинг: 726
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Загрузил: -K1LLa-


Well, they've been saying all along we're the X generation Now it seems we're the voice of a nation Haunted by the ghosts of our fathers passed We've been suffering far too long Our day, it's upon us now Our freedom will not be trampled down Picking up the pieces Of your ancient unelected impunity Stop this tragedy! [Chorus:]We're headed for a fall now See the writings on the wall now We're the X Generation Wondering what the hell went wrong Fuck government assistance (Got to unite) All we need is resistance (We've got the right) From a disease called hypocrisy They've been feeding us all along So now it looks like we're next in line We didn't fade before our time The problems of the past are coming fast But we'll keep coming strong Our day, it's upon us now Our freedom will not be trampled down The future looks bright in this fading light As we rewrite history Stop this tragedy!
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