Текст песни Glamour Of The Kill - So Who Said Romance Was Dead?

Glamour Of The Kill
Жанр: Post-Hardcore
Исполнитель: Glamour Of The Kill
Альбом: Glamour Of The Kill
Длительность: 04:11
Рейтинг: 947
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Загрузил: freeza


So many times i've lied. So many times i've run away But not this time, i'm not lying to myself I can't look back Upon the past I've spent to long searching for myself. So who said that romance was dead? I hear the cries, of the wolves Their warnings They call my name They reach for me And I know, I know Tonight, tonight we will dine in hell (x2) We wont ever witness the light And we won't ever lay down Ever lay down and die These walls, they burn my innocense away Surrounded by the screams I can't catch the air as I fall down But I can't look back Upon the past I've spent too long Searching for myself Are time is now (x7) Tonight, tonight we will dine in hell (x2) This burning crimson scars us all Through fire and flames is where i fall You wanna piece of me? You want it, come get it You wanna piece? You want a piece of me!!
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