Текст песни The Notorious B.I.G. - Whatchu Want (feat. Jay-Z, Capricorn Clark & Makeba Riddick)

Duets: The Final Chapter
Жанр: Rap
Исполнитель: The Notorious B.I.G.
Альбом: Duets: The Final Chapter
Длительность: 03:54
Рейтинг: 1870
MP3: Скачать
Загрузил: S_J


[BIG] Throw your hands in the sky, nigga I'm stickin' ice picks on the tip of ya dick Give your testicles a swift kick, ain't that some shit? Am I hard hard core, harder than a Plymouth It ain't no myth, it's a nigga with the spliff And a chrome four fifth pressed on ya back So what you want, nigga? How you wanna act? I hope civilized cause I love to see niggaz die Brains all leakin' out on the street And the pastor preachin' "He was a good man" Played the bad man when the burner was in his hand Now he's singin' sad songs with Elvis Three to the head, bout six cross the pelvis Ya fuck with the high guy ya die Yeah the same motherfucker yellin' "Look up in the sky!" I'm on some old neck shit, Suplex shit, hardcore sex shit, and Tec shit [Chorus X4 - BIG + (Girl)] What you want, nigga? (What you want, nigga? What you, what you want nigga? What you want, nigga? What you, what you want nigga?) [BIG] A repetitive loop All I need to destroy a soloist or group Huh, I put it to ya boy Hope you got the scoop Biggie Smalls, the rap genius I keep the glock by the penis, the cleanest cut Fuck the sluts with the big humongous butts Huh, I use a rubber, but My style is gushy like the hooker's pussy And it don't take a lot of back talk to push me Into flamin' 'em like that little nigga Damien Pop 19 to my motherfuckin' cranium Game tight, gun totin' motherfucker Niggaz in the grave thought Biggie was a sucker I tricked 'em- I gave 'em work then I sticked 'em I stripped 'em, cause niggaz don't want the friction Told you before how I bring the dra-ma Slam Larry Johnson and his Grandma-ma [Chorus X4 - BIG + (Girl)] What you want, nigga? (What you want, nigga? What you, what you want nigga? What you want, nigga? What you, what you want nigga?) [Diddy adlibs] Aye yo Time to bring 'em back Yeah [JAY-Z (BIG)] It's the Commission, niggaz B-I-G lives on ??, Brooklyn Uh, uh, uh, uh, Let's go! It's fuckin' deadly Lucky Lefty of the Commission, bow down By now you fuckers know this is our crown Two Uptown bullies, Brooklyn Biggie Bedstuy Hov like Bedstuy Gold Behold the fly-est (it's the Commission) Bentley drivers, Louis Vuitton buyers Jet fuel abusers, sippin' ?Patruise? +Once Upon A Time In America+'s muse You based on us, you fiction Ya eight's don't bust, you a constant contradiction Ladies please use contraception Conception's at a all time high with sexin' Use protection You fuckers shoulda never been born, shoulda never got signed How the fuck you got on? How the fuck you got Shawn? I'm too advanced, the Lance Armstrong of the dance Rubberband man before T.I. was King of New York like B.I. was B.K. all day, it's in my blood You wanna see my mask and gloves? What the fuck you want? [Chorus X4 - BIG + (Girl)] What you want, nigga? (What you want, nigga? What you, what you want nigga? What you want, nigga? What you, what you want nigga?) [Diddy] Two of the world's greatest Brooklyn's Finest The Commission lives on BIG Forever The Biggie Duets Let's go
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