Текст песни Fred Baker - Never Let Me Go (Original Trance Mix)

Vocal Trance Volume 25
Жанр: Trance Vocal
Исполнитель: Fred Baker
Альбом: Vocal Trance Volume 25
Длительность: 08:58
Рейтинг: 509
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Загрузил: shmot


It never worked out fine, I watched it fall away, It slipped right through my fingers as I heard you say, We're still the same you know, I feel the stillness, feel the stillness, Now, with all the days we learn, We're always one, we're always one somehow. You said, never let me go x 10 Just when you think it's done, It comes right back at you, And you can't find the light They said would guide you through, We're still the same you say and I can hear your voice, I hear your voice, It's no good answering If this is not your choice, it's not your choice. You said, never let me go x 13
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