Текст песни Taproot - Violent Seas

Blue-Sky Research
Жанр: Alternative Rock / Nu-Metal / Post-Grunge
Исполнитель: Taproot
Альбом: Blue-Sky Research
Длительность: 03:46
Рейтинг: 1115
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Загрузил: Yoхан


Standing on a land unknown interpreting the same Believing in a chance of hope and see it slowly fade It's breaking far away replacing what I'm made of Looking for a way to show that I'm Searching for a faith who knows that I'm Screaming for a place to go, 'cause I'm drowning in the violent seas of being force fed societies Shallow end of misery please take me away 'cause I can't Stay looking for a way to show that i'm okay Screaming for a place like home Treading in the fears I own of ending up ashamed While cornered in this life and prone By overbearing waves That steal what I have saved replacing what I gave up Away, far away
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