Текст песни Blutengel - In The Distance

Demon Kiss
Жанр: Synthpop / Darkwave
Исполнитель: Blutengel
Альбом: Demon Kiss
Длительность: 05:05
Рейтинг: 611
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Загрузил: Homjak


I'm walking on an endless road Everything's so far away I left my memories behind I hold myself here on this planet Everything's so dark So cold and hopeless to me All the people I have seen Suffer from the same disease They just care for themselves I realise and I regret Because I can't help myself Can anybody rescue me? I will come and save your soul Take my hand, I will care I will hold you in my arms No need to cry, I will be there I can see you in the distance And I hope you rescue me All my life I was just waiting For an Angel come to me Give me hope and give me strength For this life I have to live Never let me down again Hold my hand eternally
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