Текст песни Zack Hemsey - Remember Me

Empty Room
Жанр: Abstract Hip-Hop
Исполнитель: Zack Hemsey
Альбом: Empty Room
Длительность: 05:19
Рейтинг: 1415
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Загрузил: ELS-Y


Song Concept: Inspired by the photographic work of the same name, this song chronicles the struggle of a woman who is diagnosed with liver cancer. As she fights to hang on to her family for as long as possible, her husband and children do their best to keep their spirits up and cherish the remaining moments they all have with each other. (To see the photography piece that inspired this song, go to: prestongannaway.com, click on Stoires & Essays, and then click Remember Me. At the bottom of the description will be a link labeled "Enter Gallery" - click that to see the work) Verse 1: Now this one starts under a fine bliss With happiness and a divine kiss A loving home including three kids When all was well before the sickness But this one comes with an affliction Consulted doctor with condition And he found cancer in position Now he brings dreadful premonition Now I don’t know from superstition Or times when a soul has to turn to religion But this young woman was faced with decision How to fight in a war of attrition And how to cope And how to try And how to reach And how to rise And how to live with her remaining time And how to hope for something she can’t find Never in her mind Ever did it climb to a place where her will was resigned Faith so high they could slow down time And turn these years to an endless shrine But this is certainly a misfit And it sure hurts to have to heed it Cuz she don’t need no one’s forgiveness She just needs something to fix this Chorus: I know you’re worried Don’t be afraid I’ve always loved you I’ll always love you You’re pain it makes my body hurt You need to know I’ve always loved you I’ll always love you Verse 2: Like waking up in a dream And finding it’s quite a new scene With a hairless head and a grief so mean And a sense of a used reprieve Cuz his wife’s now frail and she’s far too lean And no one’s coming to intervene No one sure with a cure to be received And she is ready to be relieved Now there’s nothing left to do but breathe Now I can’t speak from in the family Or feign like I know firsthand their misery Cuz how could a father just ignore His family of five will soon become four And how does a woman tell her husband to hold on When times get tough and she’s left and long gone How does a mother tell her daughter to be strong For two younger brothers who have shuddered to move on And it’s so damn heavy the weight’s on It’s too unsteady to ride on But he’s determined to pull through this terminal worldview And come out it brand new And no husband should have to bury you Cuz we all know that it can bury you Your warmth is felt and we do cherish you Know you’re in our hearts Chorus: I know you’re worried Don’t be afraid I’ve always loved you I’ll always love you You’re pain it makes my body hurt You need to know I’ve always loved you I’ll always love you I know you’re worried Don’t be afraid I will always love you And I hear your call Remember me…
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