Текст песни John B - Russian Bride

Pirate Station 5 (Russian Version) / Пиратская Станция 5 (Русская Версия)
Жанр: Drum'n'Bass
Исполнитель: John B
Альбом: Pirate Station 5 (Russian Version) / Пиратская Станция 5 (Русская Версия)
Длительность: 05:11
Рейтинг: 1417
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Hello. Hello. My name Ludmila, yes. I’m in Moscow, I’m Muscovite, yes. I like to meet business man, you are business man? You have big car? I like big car. Hello. You have Mercedes? I like the, how do you say, SLK. No KGB. I like men with high intellect, I want serious relationship. You are honest man? I like honest man Hello. Hello. Hello. In Moscow very cold. Ochenj colodna. I need fur coats. I like Bahamas, I like go Bahamas. You like Carribean? You have been Bahamas? I liking very much. I like travel, I like, I want Disneyland. You been to Disney land? I like Hard Rock Cafe, take me to see Arnold Schwarzenegger. You know him? You know Terminator? Hasta la vista, Baby! Hello, hello! I am Ludmila. Hello, hello! I am Ludmila I am hostess in club, in Moscow, in Moscow. I want to be dancer, dancing in cage, you make me lot of money, big money dancing in cage. You know Jon Bonjovi? I like very much Jon Bonjovi One day in club, I serve champagne to Gorbachev. Very rich man. Red square is KGB. You want drink vodka? You like vodka? Come hotel room, I have vodka! You come hotel room? You are nice, not very fat. Do you play tennis? I am serious person, I am kind person. I like business man, I like serious relationship.
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