Текст песни Unity One - Infrared (SNTK3 Version)

Synthematika THREE
Жанр: Dark Electro
Исполнитель: Unity One
Альбом: Synthematika THREE
Длительность: 04:30
Рейтинг: 1781
MP3: Скачать
Загрузил: Tramontina


Look into my eyes Look into my face, I made mistakes How can I decide Who will die tomorrow in my place I'm not a saint Got too many missteps I regret But I'm still the same Still the man you never will forget In infrared illumination - They're coming closer, don't you see You have to put your trust in me - I believe in you so let it ever be Discard your faulty expectations - I ain't gonna ever bend my knee My heart still beats to forever be free They can hunt me down They can try to beat me, I will stand I won't yield my ground Fighting for what matters to the end Oh I'm not a saint Got too many debts I need to pay Yet I'm still the man Still the man who never will betray
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