Текст песни Wale - DC Or Nothing

Жанр: Rap
Исполнитель: Wale
Альбом: Ambition
Длительность: 04:58
Рейтинг: 311
MP3: Скачать
Загрузил: mir70b8


[Intro] In the face of adversity, I prepared a verse to see Or hear rather... [Verse 1] Destined to win, get respect where I live My reflection contagious, I’m the messenger here Making love to the streets, they be lusting for bread They ain’t sleeping until they know every customer fed When the city was chocolate, there was death in the air All I’m hearing is AIDS, I ain’t deaf in my ear Nah … I ain’t deaf in my ear But he push them whites in the hood like Ray Edmond was there Shout out to Kirbo, he told me I would make it Now me, Tony, G, and Tre got the keys to the nation Pray for peace with the babies, they a beast in the summer Of course he fiending for trouble, he had a fiend for a mother Got no leaders among him, got no loyalty either Once the police get to cuffing, bet his homie deceive him See, it’s cold where they be at, on that boat like a pirate Politicians fucking hookers, why you mad at my ganja? Kick him out of the city, force them whites who can pay up Still different ablers killing over what isn’t theirs Lost my nigga over nothing though Saeed Alisha I miss you, god bless my brother’s soul [Hook] I feel something change in the weather, and I’m home, home, home Don’t let it drift away like a feather and I’m home, home, home And oh, I gotta find my way Oh I gotta face the day But oh I can’t stay away, not never, your my home, home, home [Verse 2] Look, I lost my nigga over nothing though Saeed Alisha I miss you, god bless my brother’s soul Ricky is sitting, Baba was sitting Caught up and slipping for fearing a McDonald’s position Seen it over a dollar, got him under a flower Funeral drama, niggas mystery baby mamas They ain’t really for condoms, I just think that it’s shocking Got no fear in no officer, they be scared of them doctors I’m aware that there’s problems, know Obama gon’ stop it Where there’s minimal conscience and there’s thousands of choppers I know Howard that college, but that town has some problems I done seen embalming fluid ruin a nigga promise Little women be mommas, little niggas ain’t fathers Ain’t nobody here leading, it’s way too easy to follow They knee deep in today, ain’t too fond of tomorrow Although it gets you paper, I pray you weighing your options This is soulful my nigga, I’m hoping I am giving a hope to my nigga We just soldiers my nigga, don’t know you my nigga but know you my nigga This is soulful my nigga, hope that I am giving some hope to my nigga We just soldiers my nigga, don’t know you my nigga but know you my nigga Nigga, know you my... And you know my nigga Know you my... Look... [Hook] [Verse 3] A king's assassination is why most often fear the hell So needless to say this, leadership is not with a timid sail I pray these words live and these gimmicks fail and I pray whenever I’m seen in my city I forever resemble Braille May your trees be loud, and your queens be proud May you see your dreams allowed, before you see them from a cloud May your glass never reach half-empty, may your enemies find the inner-peace before it ever get to beef I wish you, wealth, health, and pact-free women for yourself and the shit ain’t the best, hope these lyrics help...my nigga [Hook] [Outro] See I made it from home, see I made it alone And all these peasant motherfuckers take shots at the throne Time after time, again and again They wanna see a nigga lose but I’m destined to win
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