Текст песни Busta Rhymes ft. Ceza ft. D-Loc ft. JL B.Hood ft. Tech N9ne ft. Twista ft. Twisted Insane ft. Uso ft. Yelawolf - Worldwide Choppers

Breaking Bad Meets Evil
Жанр: Rap
Исполнитель: Busta Rhymes ft. Tech N9ne ft. Twista ft. Ceza ft. D-Loc ft. Yelawolf ft. Uso ft. Twisted Insane ft. JL B.Hood
Альбом: Breaking Bad Meets Evil
Длительность: 05:27
Рейтинг: 1067
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(Turkey) [Ceza] Sen kalk, bir minik mikrofonunu getir Bak jak burada mikrofonuna tak Kağıt kalem bir de ilham alınacak Tam gaz choppers, havada düşman avına çıkalım Akalım, haydi bu battle’ı kazanalım (We started in the Midwest) (Now we ’bout to take it) (All over the world, baby!) (This is the pinnacle!) (Yeah, Tech N9ne!) [Tech N9ne] Follow me, all around the planet, I run the gamut on sickology They could never manage, we do damage with no apology Pick them out the panic, a little manic cause I gotta be Frantic, I’ma jam it cause I’m an oddity Gobble the track up like I'm grubbin' at mama nakas I can pop at you proper cause I’m partners with Waka Flocka Give me the top of hip-hop and watch him make ‘em rock With a show-stopper, chakras popping off the (Worldwide Choppers) If you anybody, you notice it Tech is the pinnacle, not an identical soul is it Loaded cold as the polar get wrote it quick and they quoted it Yo it exploded the flow behold it cause when the motor spit A-bi-de-a, bi-de-a, never to get free of the real Better ya just kneel to me or ready to get near my heels Give me the knock and I’ma chop, he came and he went tomorrow But I’ma lock it down and hop in the pocket like empanadas Hit ‘em up and get ‘em up, I ain’t done, I ain’t did enough Trip when I rip it up, I be the ish when I split em up Sort of like I was liquored up and backing up in the gut Everybody be knowing I be acting up when I bust From Missouri to Canada, I be keeping the stamina If you never been a fan of the man, the planet's unanimous Can I cuss? Fuck anybody, Tech is calamitous Leave them in the dust, ain't nobody tough when I’m standing up Tech is hostile, he’s awful He really be wicked when he be off in the bottle You with it, you dig it, you never lost the apostle He’s thinking he give it the Poe and toss in Picasso Killing everybody off is the motto And I be the only chopper that’s tossed in the brothel You said it’s pathetic, my head is off in the taco I sped and you bled and you in the coffin when I go [Hook] I’m light years, ahead of my peers Want some, you can come bring it right here Can’t clown me, don’t come ’round me Bow down, I was crowned when they found me (K.C.) [J.L.] Check it, I’m ahead of them, chop it up with the veterans A legend developing, ain't gotta tell him it’s evident Gotta notice an elephant, none of you niggas relevant You're delicate, but loving every second of this (Denmark) [Uso] De vil alle tjekke når vi ligger det Kommer ind og smækker det beatet jeg vækker det I ved hvad der kommer ud af min mund Hanger med de vildeste gutter Det minder mig om vi stikker det af For de kalder mig alle vild "Fucking Chopper" (Alabama) [Yelawolf] What if I ran into you with a Pogo stick? Hopped up on top of you rappers like a Jehovah’s Witness? With a photo of Jesus and a paper pamphlet And I threw up a rejection like I was playing Hamlet? Syllable burning, that internal damage Swing, batter, batter, but then I lay back on a hammock Under an oak tree, like I was peeling pecans But instead, I’m peeling rappers’ heads, making a sam-a-wich Pick up a .22 and put a bullet inside of a Motherfucka from inside a 1987 box I’m headed up, yeah, headed for bucks Fuck ‘em all, make them feel my dread like I had a head of locks Feel every bump, like you had dead shocks But I hopped on the fuckin’ beat and I worldwide chopped Wanna fuck with Tech N9ne, twist up the pine and Smoke a beat with Mr. Busta Rhymes, well, sure, why not? Really don’t need to show any more of my cock But I run across the stadium in a pair of your socks In a trench coat with the pencil and a watch Then drop a verse before you can focus to read
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