Текст песни Memory Of A Melody - 'Til Death Do Us Part

Things That Make You Scream
Жанр: Alternative Rock
Исполнитель: Memory Of A Melody
Альбом: Things That Make You Scream
Длительность: 02:58
Рейтинг: 2560
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Загрузил: -K1LLa-


I feel your presence next to me, I can't sleep, and panic while awake. Each moment breaks my heart in two. Please take my soul where you're awake I can't take much more of this pain Chorus: This heartache Tears me apart You're not heart with me It's so hard to breathe Flawless Perfect and blessed You were everything That's meant for me Verse:2 You're speechless, breathless but I don't care. Since we're together again. We won't be stopped they don't understand. Even if you can't breathe. Chorus: Bridge: I can't take much more of this pain. Chorus:
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