Текст песни Wednesday 13 - Candle For The Devil

Calling All Corpses
Жанр: Punk / Horror Punk
Исполнитель: Wednesday 13
Альбом: Calling All Corpses
Длительность: 04:26
Рейтинг: 441
MP3: Скачать
Загрузил: arschgesicht


Some people they were born with it They got the flame burning in thier eyes Shoot first and ask questions later has been the story of my life Two middle fingers and a mouth from the south And my targets in my site I hold a candle for the devil baby cause it keeps me warm at night (Hold a candle for the Devil) He leads me home at night (Hold a candle for the Devil) He always treats me right [x2] Some people say it makes no sense It's like I'm itching for an early grave Just like my mamma always told me I'm the only hell she ever raised Full throttle down this high way to hell Buckle up now it's a bumpy ride 666 grab your crucifix it's gunna be a hell of a night (Hold a candle for the Devil) He leads me home at night (Hold a candle for the Devil) He always treats me right [x6]
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